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Real estate agent or can I get by on my own?

Dated: February 3 2019

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Every day we tend to cooperate with a different agent or experts in their fields. For example, we visit a shop and approach a shop assistant or a consultant to give us a piece of advice on which product to choose from. Monthly or more, we go to the hairdresser and trust him/her with our appearance. Why do we do that? Aren’t we so great and masterful that we can do everything on our own?

CIR Realty – your insider in the real estate world

The answer is quite evident. Thus we always want to get the best service and result possible. Ways to achieve this – is the cooperation with real experts who can share their knowledge, experience and valuable tips with you. The real estate sphere is no exception. Being a-Jack-of-all-trades is no longer the fashion. So, real estate agent Ron Christensen with CIR Realty is always available to assist you.

Real estate agent or can I get by on my own

The reasons why you will benefit from partnering with Ron Christensen of CIR Realty:

1st – CIR Realty is the real estate agency others look up to and try to model by for the best techniques and approaches. With this replica, you can be confident that you are working with the best real estate agents in Calgary.

2nd – the network of our real estate agents grows every year. CIR Realty brings on board only like-minded and pro-active real estate agents.

3rd – at CIR Realty you will receive an individual approach with attention to details that matter so much to you.

4th – real estate agents with CIR Realty have the best access to both listings and buyers. With this, you are assured to get the most beneficial service in the market. High-quality service is crucial not only for you but also for all the staff of CIR Realty. We cherish our clients along with our reputation. This kind of approach is a cornerstone in providing the most efficient and result-oriented real estate services possible. After all, a happy client is a referring client.

What fee is a real estate agent able to charge?

Costs are a tricky area, and almost everyone is always afraid of paying too much or being deceived. Some try to save on realty fees and still expect to get the highest quality services at the same time. You know that nobody has ever managed to kill two birds with one stone. This kind of attitude with respect to paying “discount” real estate fees will usually backfire on you.

What fee is a real estate agent able to chargeSimply read this article and you’ll know what is a fair fee for your real estate associate. In Calgary, and all over Canada, the real estate agent’s fee is not fixed according to Federal legislation. Still, there is one tendency in the real estate world that has proved to be the most efficient to both parties.

How does it work?

The average real estate agent’s fee in Calgary is 7% on the first 100,000 and 3% on the balance on the majority of listings. Understand that all of the 7% & 3% does not go straight to your Listing Realtor. Fact being, that he/she receives only half of this amount, (3.5% & 1.5%). The other half goes to Buying Realtor, who brings the buyer to you. Note: There is no set or standard real estate fee. So it is quite logical, if you reduce the fee of your Listing Realtor, it will be quite demotivating for the Buying Realtor on the other side.

People’s natural behaviour is such, and we know that everyone wants to get fair remuneration for their professional services and time spent to achieve your mutual goal – be it either selling or buying a house for you. Ron Christensen’s fees since 1987 have always been 7% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the balance of sale price. If you are looking for a “discount Realtor” with discounted services, Ron Christensen is probably not the real estate agent for you. Hopefully, these tips have clarified the question on real estate agent fees in Calgary, and we can move on to another important point.

There are so many real estate agents, how to find THE ONE

There are so many real estate agents, how to find THE ONE

Simply imagine that you have finally decided that you want to buy or sell a property. What is next? There are multiple services offers out there making you feel somewhat puzzled, and you can’t decide on the next step. Not to worry; you now require the assistance of a professional real estate agent. However, there are so many of them out there on the Internet. Everyone claims: “I’m the best! Choose me”! For you not to get lost in this commotion of information, Ron Christensen recommends you use the Calgary Real Estate Directory of Local Experts.

Want to know why?

  • Initially,  you will be immediately connected to the best real estate professionals available in the region of Calgary.
  • Your agent will address all your estate-related problems as soon as you make your decision.
  • The Calgary Real Estate Directory provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on every registered agent. You can read the feedbacks and ensure that you are choosing an associate who will be comfortable for you to collaborate with and to communicate with simply.
  • You can’t imagine what predicaments some people who decided to work with not-recognized agents, have encountered. Eventually, they ended up with a professionally proven and recognized industry leader to complete their deal. We always wonder, “why didn’t they come to us at the very start”?
  • You will not be adversely surprised and subjected to any additional expenses, as everything is pre-approved and discussed with you, up front.

With all this and much more, CIR Realty agents are always available to assist you. We will give you a free consultation, then start working on your deal and achieve the outcome you expect. All this is possible because we tend to have an individual approach to each and every one of our clients. We’ve proved time and time again, to bring the best quality of service to all of our satisfied customers.

the most powerful selling techniques in real estate

Education is one of the most powerful selling techniques in real estate

Some say that you can be successful in the real estate sphere simply by wearing a clean suit and tie. Others believe that you just have to have great charisma. Some are of the opinion that you need to be a chatterbox with a broad smile. The real estate agents like Ron Christensen of CIR Realty actively claim that one of the key elements in a real estate agent’s success is his/her education. Therefore, we take great pride in the training aspect of our Calgary real estate agents like Ron Christensen of CIR Realty. There is a mandatory provincial Real Estate Course for those who endeavour to become a licensed realtor. Training ensures that licensed Realtors are true professionals in their market, and the quality of services real estate agents provide only getting higher.

Ron Christensen of Royal LePage Solutions in Calgary

Do you like doing the chores?

Dust and dirt are an inevitable consequence of buying or selling a house. There is probably no one person who likes dealing with it on one’s own. It is usually better to trust such an important task as cleaning and preparing your house for sale to professionals. Grizella is one of the several companies that provide just such excellent cleaning services at reasonable rates. Years of history has proved that this agency keeps up with the excellent standards and can help you, not only thorough initial cleaning but also with ongoing maintenance until your home sells.

Now hopefully you have a better insight to help you facilitate your choice for the right real estate associate. Ron Christensen of CIR Realty in Calgary is one of those proven experts who can assist you through the complete buying or selling process. Call or text Ron today at 403-861-7770 or email,

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